Media Guidelines

In accepting a media pass, you are agreeing to the terms:

  1. Each Applicant must register with a different email – two accounts cannot share the same email.
  2. A media pass is strictly reserved for members of the press (print, photo, radio, television, film, news agencies, online media) who represent a bona fide media organisation.
  3. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  4. The Forum Committee has the right to deny a media pass to those who abuse the privileges it provides or who are deemed to fail to act in accordance with proper journalism ethics and standards.
  5. All media pass holders are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner in their interaction with all attendees (government officials, delegates, speakers, staff).
  6. All media pass holders shall have due regard to the dignity, privacy and integrity of all individuals.
  7. Where unexpected circumstances arise, the approach will be to avoid confrontation, maintain civility and find the fastest, safest and most secure acceptable solution.
  8. During times of heightened security, additional restrictions may apply.
  9. The decision of the Forum Committee is final.
  10. The media pass is non-transferable; misuse will result in its confiscation.